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Our law firm provides general
law services, including:

Estate Planning
     Wills, Trusts, Probate,
     Health Care Proxies,
     Powers of Attorney, Living Wills,
     Tax and Probate Avoidance

Elder Law
     Guardianships, Conservatorships,
     Medicare, Medicaid and
     Assisted Living

     Adoptions for Single Parents, Parents,
     Blended Families, Grandparents,
     New Babies, DHS - Department of
     Human Services

Family Law
     Domestic Relations, Divorce
Business and Corporate Law
     Incorporating, Limited Liability
     Company, and Debt Collection

Real Estate Law
     Contracts, Deeds, Notes, Mortgages
Personal Injury










What is a Living Trust?

A living trust is a document that will assist you in handling your estate during your lifetime and after your death.

You will be the Settlor (the one setting up your living trust), the Trustee (the one managing your trust assets) and the Primary Beneficiary (the one for whose benefit the trust is established).

You will name the Successor Trustee who will succeed you as Trustee when you die, become incompetent, or resign, and you will name the Secondary Beneficiary or Beneficiaries for whose benefit the trust will exist upon your death.

What are the benefits of a Living Trust?

A living trust is the best way to avoid probate expenses when you die.

A living trust is built on the premise that you trust the Successor Trustee to carry out your wishes in distributing your estate without the need of a probate Judge’s oversight. 

A second advantage to a living trust is to avoid guardianship expenses if you live too long. With the living trust, you have already named the person or persons you want to be in charge of your estate when you are no longer able to manage your estate, either because of your death or your incompetence.

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